Saturday, February 28, 2009

slander and lies

look mousebreath! you had come inside the house and left your "snack" on the porch so don't go telling everyone that I took it away from you before you were done.

I don't believe it!

I went to all the trouble to catch me a mouse, a little bit of fresh meat in the diet you know? and what does Rin do? SHE THROWS IT AWAY!!!!!!!! I wasn't even finished with it and she just tossed it in the garbage can and it wasn't even one of thous cans that you can just knock over for a quick snack no this thing has a lid and everything!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


so I've been watching a lot of old shows I used to love as a kid on youtube lately. like Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog and Skeleton Warriors. now let's start with mystic knights when I watched this show in the fourth grade my favorite character was the leader Rohan, but watching it now I find him moody and kind of emo. and a character that I found boring back then, princess Deirdre interests me now that I notice all the subtleties of her character.

and Skeleton Warriors is far cheesier that I ever remember it being I could have sworn it was a much darker show. but as kids me and my siblings really liked the goofy skeleton, Dagger, yes that's his name, Dagger. but now he comes of as only kind of retarded.

I find it interesting that I can enjoy the same exact shows but for completely different reasons.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

in the grave

I know I've been pretty silent for the past couple of weeks. the truth is I died, was resurrected by a wizard, then killed again by my sister's evil genius dog, Jarvis, without her knowing about it. Now, I'm sure you're all out there wondering how I managed to come back to life a second time, well let's just say it involved three rolls of duct tape and a pair of old windshield wipers and let's leave it at that.