Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's the little things

I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I guess all the grumpy people at work got in the way. so a couple of days ago I went for a little walk to look at decorations around my neighborhood. before I left my mother told me to go to a specific house 'cause it was spectacular and I should really see it. so I went on my walk and I saw the house that Ma had mentioned and it really was amazing the folks in that house did a great job. but it was another house far later in my journey that gave me the joy I was hoping to find. all that was at this house were some lights and a 2-D display of a train and it reminded me of some small plastic trains that we used to decorate our light switches as kids. and it reminded me of all the Christmas eves we'd spent at my grandmothers house. at this point it struck me yet again that it's the small things that are important during this season.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Newest Obsession Part 2

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is indeed that time again. That time when I become obsessed with some new piece of media. This time it's Disney's Bolt. The main character is just so unbelievably adorable I can't help myself, and I must say that Disney had been in a bit of a rut with the movie making but with them putting out movies like Meet The Robinsons and Bolt which have far more depth and character development than movies like Fox and the Hound 2, I'm not really worried about their future success. But I digress, the fact of the matter is that Bolt is a great film and if you see it in 3D I am pleased to report that they kept the gimmicks to a minimum. and it is movies like these that make me really really want to write for Disney.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

you sneaky theif!

Rin! how dare you post a picture of a Rat! and pretend to be me!! It's supposed to be Vincent R. Shelby's LOLCat of the week! Not Rin's I'm gonna go behind Vincent's back and post a Rat on his Blog! Rats are food Not friends!

Ahh! I'm late

I didn't post on Monday so I'll make up for it with an extra adorable LOLCat/Rat:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Entering the Real World

So I finally got a job. Yep I work for Hastings in their Hardback Cafe. I make drinks, stand around a lot, help replace checked in movies, do some more standing around, make coffee, occasionally get tips which is cool, and schmooze with the customers. the making coffee part, and talking to customers is cool I like it a lot its all the other stuff that's like a real job, but I can live with it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

LOLCat of the week 4

Ladies and gentlemen! may I present to you the LOLCat of the week!!!!!!!!!!! (Rin dropped some coffee today)

Friday, November 14, 2008

what happened?

geeze, Vincent gets more web time on this blog than I do now... what's up with that? oh right I have no life right now haha! silly me, how could I forget my severe lack of a social life right now?

Monday, November 10, 2008

LOLCat of the Week 3

Well I'm back on schedule with these so here you go the LOLCat of the week:

But if you ask me this cat is a traitor for sharing our secret!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back that truck up fuzzball!

Are you trying to tell me that my playing is so bad it's scary? puh you should hear your singing now that's scary! hey you put those claws away mister... no get back! you blood thirsty beast! ouch! cripes your claws are sharp! Great now I have to get the bandages.

Monday, November 3, 2008

on another note

Do any of you out there know what this is?

All I know is that it makes a loud very very scary noise and I don't like it one bit. on the other paw it's home is very comfy.

I must apologize

I have no LoLCat for you today on account of my human is SO FREAKIN' CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!! For the past two weeks she couped me up in this stupid house and now she lets me out again like nothing ever happened. I wonder if it had anything to do with those weird monsters I saw out the window on the last night of my captivity?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wait it is Monday right? did I post this on time? Is it Monday? I don't really know I can't read a calender very well but any way here is Vincent R. Shelby's LOLCat of this week.

Monday, October 20, 2008

LOLCat of the week 1

Hello and welcome to Vincent R. Shelby's LOLCat of the week! Yes that's right a LOLCat for you to cherish this whole week and next monday we'll be back with a brend new one for you to enjoy! Aren't I a great tiger?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hang Like a Flag my Friends

A lot of you have already heard this because I retell this story often, but I thought I'd share it with those of you who have never seen my face. I would like to share with you all the story of Mary Dyer, and I will tell it to you as it was told to me: She was a converted Quaker living in Puritan New England (Massachusetts I think). Mary actively sought to convert her neighbors to the Quaker faith. The Puritans, being the restrictive society they have historically proven themselves to be, first arrested her and demanded that she recant the things she had said in her quest to convert her neighbors, but she refused. After serving her time, Miss Dyer went right back to her mission, blatantly defying the Puritan elders. They eventually sentenced her to be hanged. as she walked towards the gallows, the crowd around her made deafeningly loud noises. Mary approached her death with courage and dignity. Even as the hang man put her head in the noose and kicked the chair out from underneath her, she was so dignified and poised that the crowd fell silent. The first thing that broke this silence was someone saying, "she hangs like a flag."
The hangman was disgusted with what he had done he threw up several times afterward and when he went home he told his wife, "today I have met the most beautiful woman in the world and I am going to become a Quaker."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Newest Obsession 1.5

Though obsession with Oban Star Racers has not faded I seem to have picked up another one. What? you ask two obsessions at once? How does your head not explode? well the answer my dear readers is that my head has already exploded that's right I'm walking around, watching Oban Star Racers and reading this new manga with no head. Don't ask how I do it I have no clue. but what is this fantastic new manga that has robbed you of your brain case Rin? yes I'm sure this is the question you are all asking. the answer is Tsubasa Resevior Chronicals. yep I used to watch Cardcaptor as a child so I thought I'd give it a try and found that it's super fantastic! the four main characters travel from dimention to dimention through the use of a small white creature named Mokona (I even have a Mokona hat, it's adorable, but I look kinda funny in it.) for the purpose of finding Sakura's lost memories.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got this letter today

I just received this via facebook and I think everyone needs to hear something like this every once in awhile in their lives:

Hello, ladies!
I just wanted to send you all a little note of encouragement at the time of the year when you might need it most.Things are getting crazy with school, you're probably wondering how in the WORLD you are going to accomplish everything and still have spare time to sleep every once in a while. The more you think about all of the things you have written in your planner for this week, the more stressed you get. And the more stressed you get, the less you accomplish. It's a vicious cycle that you just can't seem to escape! Even thinking about all of this stress is getting you stressed out!Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.You are a wonderful, beautiful human being. You are more than capable of succeeding. There are people around you that love you and support you. There are people praying for you (I know I am!). Tomorrow is a new day filled with potential for great things, not another worry that we should add to our plates.Take some time today to think about the good things in your life. That's the quickest way to brighten a stressed out, crummy mood.Never forget that I'm here for you.You are beautiful!-Megan

Megan, whoever you really are and wherever you are I just want you to know: you're super awesome!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Newest Obsession Part 1

Every so often I acquire a new obsession the intensity and length of duration of my obsessions varies from object to object of obsession. My latest one is Oban Star Racers. Though When I first saw the ads for this show some three years ago I had a very low opinion of it because I couldn't get over the fact that they have no noses, which is still weird. watching it now, however I barely even notice the main character's lack of smelling apparatus. I can overlook it because the story is far more in depth than I would have expected. I had first assumed that it was just some random racing show like IGPX or something. The main character, Molly, starts out on a search to find her father after he abandoned her at a boarding school when her mother (who was a racing pilot) died. she finds him working as the manager of the racing team that is to represent Earth in the Great Race of Oban. This race has the potential to shift the political balance of power in the universe. not to mention that the characters are amazing! I think my favorite is Don Wei, Molly's father though I'm not entirely sure as to why...

Friday, September 5, 2008

allow me to explain

My brother and I were only getting his micro chip registered at our local shelter so that we could have peace of mind when we let him run around outside. we went early in the morning before it got hot thinking that would be better for him. apparently our local shelter doesn't open until noon however. so we had to return later.

ARGH!!! Why?!?!!?!?!?!

Hey Vincent here,

I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. Rin and I had a little party last night and things were going great. THEN Rin and that weird tall bearded on with the annoying black dog put me in that stupid carrier and stuck me in the car and drove me to guess what??!?! a SHELTER!!!! they freaked me out walk up to the door stood there for a while and left! Then just after I let my guard down when we returned they put me back in and drove me to the same shelter. we actually went in this time and Rin put me on the counter and they waved this bizarre thing over my shoulder and they endlessly talked about who knows what. I was entirely convinced that I'd done something wrong and they were going to leave me there. but we just got back in the car and came back home. What the heck is going on here?!?!!?!?

Friday, August 22, 2008

God is always worth it!!!

Today I went up on a hiking trail to get some shots for the spiritual warfare video I'm making. I had hiked on this trail several times before and it's a really easy hike that leads to a gorgeous stream. This time however the trek was not so easy. The sun was beating down and my legs felt as if they were not getting much blood flow. It felt like I was being attacked. I'm certain that I was being assaulted by the minions of Satan. Even while filming my stamina was not what it should have been. By the time I was done and made my way back down the trail I felt fine as if nothing had happened, except for the fact that I was happier than normal.

I only have one more thing to say: Praise God for being there with me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

project in the works

I've been slowly putting together elements for a video I'm gonna be putting up on YouTube. ( check out my stuff!) Anyway oddly enough this project involves possibly waving around a sword in my church building. I know that may sound strange and wrong to you folks out there but the video is about spiritual warriors and the fight against Satan so it's for a somewhat good cause.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneaky Kitty

haha! I'm Vincent the tiger of this blog. I had to wait until my human, Rin, abandoned me to be with her friends. any way I would like to voice a grievous insult to mother nature. I am currently living with two "dogs". I use that term loosely, however, because both of them are smaller than I am and that's just not right. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy being bigger than they are because that makes it easier to bully them. but am I incorrect in assuming that a cat should be smaller than a dog?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So I have officially joined the masses...

of bloggers yep I fully intend to blather on about things no one probably cares about. but my tiger *cough! cough* he's just a really big cat! *cough! cough* Vincent will sometimes voice his opinions as well... or rather my interpretations of his opinions because sadly at age 19 I am on my way to being a crazy cat lady(emphasis on crazy!), but I'm not sure it counts 'cause I was crazy long before I met Vincent. I decided to do this mainly because my sister at got me into it really.